Gasoline Veins

by Preach

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released January 24, 2015

All songs written by Preach.
Produced, engineered and mixed by Oscar Ammer at Echobox Studios
Mastered at Cutting Room by Mats Lindfors.
Cover art by Billy Lundevall. Photo by Peter Tvärberg.
© & ℗ Preach Music HB. All rights reserved. | |



all rights reserved


Preach Stockholm, Sweden

Preach is a Swedish metal band from Stockholm. 'Gasoline Veins' from 2015 marks as the bands debut album, drawing inspiration from melodic death metal, thrash metal as well as death 'n' roll. Preach will not relent and they are committed to continue to break new ground with their music and their energetic live performances. Don’t miss out on a chance to see Preach in your city! ... more

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Track Name: Gasoline Veins
The new kid on the block is a robot
Counting the steps as he goes
To a destination no one knows
The young guy is a steamy punk
Hothead with a lust for power
But he is popular
Follow and lay down his track

Time for departure
And you must come
Or breathe the dust of my success

Gasoline veins
Joints of steel as a frame for power
I am alive
I stand as the tallest tower
Follow me
Fire is my locomotion
Smoke and rust
Breathing out my own corrosion

Old kid on the block is a monster
But a gentle one
Heart of gold, still of metal
Burnt and old with leaking veins

Do I hear some nervous laughter?
As if it's my tail I'm after
A machine that is primitive
Created in your own image
Track Name: Dead Die Young
Welcome to the carnival of madness
Where the children die
Merry-go-round at the speed of sound
Flies away then hits the ground
Asteroid moving through sky
Burning up or flashing by
Chronos at the wheel of zodiac
Revs the engine fast and loud

The reaper comes for you
And he’s got work for two
Ask away and he might stay
Question marks that will delay

Dead die young
Why do we care if the
Center of the sun is hollow?
Dead die young
When in presence of a
Closed mind that the body will follow

I set down the path of doubt
Do I know me in and out?
Cards in hand don’t win the game
Eyes glow red right across from you
He’ll get you too

In the spot I threw crown
Grows the seed that I put down
Rose of death, the ground is rich
Vice and virtue, what is which?

Dead die young
Why do we care if the
Center of the sun is hollow?
Dead die young
When in presence of a
Closed mind that the body will follow
Dead die young
Drowned in the waters of
Conceit and mind corrosion
Dead die young
When in essence you are
Alive but your soul has no motion
Track Name: Gold Rush
We will send ourselves
To the riches that are down the road
Flatten the ground
The creation of another node
From which we’ll yet again
Lose track, but until then
Dig the grave
Into darkness we descend

To all that is new
We are to be fooled
You and I have been ruled

Stone we crush
Welcome down to the golden rush
Pick your tool and swing away
All in vain
Gaining less the more we drain
No need to hush
We all know this is a gold rush

How does one win the race
In a distance that is growing?
But there’s no wealth in knowing
I am a stream you see
For all your greed to be
Reflected in the ore
And it’s my time to shine
Track Name: Comes to Pass
Transcend the notion
Your will to ascend
Witness the tragedy
The remnant of your disposition
Retaliation dictates our every action
The itch to appealing not to scratch

Why can't I change it?
Everything comes to pass
Am I to understand that the weakness
Is part of our mind?

Witness the process
The violent descent
Your need for remedy
And hatred for your opposition
Retaliation dictates our very actions
The story reappearing ‘til all is past

Our will be done
Sanity is fleeting
Reducing our minds to rubble
Track Name: Wolf Tank
Sleeper turns around
Awaken but not by sound
The earth is quietly rumbling
But the earth is in his head
Landmasses moving slowly
In the sky the stars align
All in all; a change in tactics
To having none of them

Sailor of the seven seas
Approaching the shores of disease
Cares not of navigation
Just made his own way

Think first before we collide
Wolf tank is by my side
Destined to grab your attention
My friend from a different dimension
Careful descent into madness
The prevention of sober sadness
The embrace of Janus
And Wolf Tank, leading the stride

Sleeper was lost and found
The path to go around
In the end, himself unlearn
Twist and turn on a restless ocean

Sailor of the seven seas
Strays away from the increase
Of hugging the brainwaves of ease to predict
Keeping feet both dry and wet
Track Name: Erased by the New Day
I keep walking in abandoned trenches
I wake up in the haze surrounding me
As something long forgotten, erased by nauseous fumes
As I am forced to deal with this
The numbing pain just shuts me down
And so my past will be catching up to me

Diagnosed to oblivion over one petty step
Bloodshot eyes locking in on my disguise

And you have always seen me this way
And so what difference could it make?
To be erased by the new day
So I'll be well upon my way

The present pass around me
And the tide keeps washing in on me
Like dunes of sand; I'll wash away with time
The bearer of a lonely quest
I've tried to find the bridge from dog to man
And so my past will be catching up to me
Track Name: Coin Flip Omen
Rise up, minions of our destiny
We may partake in some bloodshed
We redshift from this earth
Heads up; it might be of your own
But in quantum immortality
We behave in every way

One quest to find and show
What's in your mind when you let it go?
Just let it go
Join the legion free from death
Chained to fate none the less
Burn the earth and then we rest

All things benign, an eagle in sunshine
Or the outline of vulture closing in?
Flip the dime, but we are split in time
Do we vanquish or survive?
Coin Flip Omen

We are missionaries of chaos
Ideals made up of nonsense
You would look the part
Consider this an invitation

One quest to find and show
What's in your mind when you let it go?
Just let it go
Brave new world inside of this
Alive in death, turn to bliss
Forget what there's to reminisce
Track Name: From Dead Remains
I would to pray for my indifference to shield
And now that it's lost I run to hide
So I can't wait for the end
To set us free from the void of

Our ignorance that runs much deeper
Than we'd like to admit
Slowly learning, not concerning
Not even enough to care
To put ourselves on the line

Down on his knees
His eyes locked into the distance
Won’t touch the seed that remain
Yelling that greed is god
From dead remains
As the sand falls between our fingers
And as our reasoning fails
I turn to embrace the end

You would say that it would never be enough
Even if I would try, it would all be the same
And in this part I remain
Until it proves to be different
Track Name: Lesser God on the Horizon
Execution of an already dead dog
Guillotine falls towards the ground
Gravity takes no prisoners
We reach for the summit
But the rock keeps rolling down
I am cursed but so are they
Who stand in the way of a landslide

I could be anything
So I became a god
But we are all entwined
By the curses of divinity

Lesser gods on the horizon out for blood
They bring thunder, world goes under
Animosity will take the path of least resistance

Cerberus, fight for me
My leash is grinding your throat
My will is your command
We bring death upon the land
Top dog kills the underdog
But a beast in the end
You will find that there is not
Much more room to ascend

Lesser gods on the horizon out for blood
They bring thunder, world goes under
A day like any for the mortal
A child with a concave glass and a critter below
Rolling thunder, strike the under
Animosity will take the path of least resistance
Track Name: Mine to Direct
Thought I was different but not by enough
And I'm facing this darkness with my head in the sand
Your hands clean and your conscience clear
Wish you could strike the blow and be rid of this fear

I'll try for penance but you know that it won't be for me
No, it won't my own
My devotions still carries me home

I don't care about the cost
My ambitions rules the fall
I want to drag you all down with me
Through it all
The shred of sanity was lost
So you could walk along the line
And may you claim this as your own funeral
I made it through mine

As I was reckless my ambitions were cruel
Yet the actions of justice were mine to direct
With your eyes forward make the sentence known
Make the axes fall and let our blood be spilled

When all is said and all is done
When you have all and I have none

I close my eyes out of fear, black out
For what I've done for my cause; it's mine and mine alone
Wait till you see what I left
An open wound, a reason to heal